Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Truth

Ok, so remember a few days ago, when I posted a little post about how God sanctifies us through our children? Remember I told you to remind me about what I said? Well, today's the day!

The truth in our home this week. YUCK! Schooling is minimal at best. The baby hasn't been feeling well and therefore he has been quite irritable, cranky, and miserable... and this is the good side!

I took him in to the doctor today and he does not have any infections, so we get to just wait this one out. He was almost weaned, but now he wants to nurse more than I can handle. If I walk by, it's time to nurse. If he sees a picture of me, it's time to nurse. The problem is, after a few months of only nursing 2 times per day, I don't have much to offer on all of these other occasions.

Now, as a result of being up with a cranky baby, I'm quite cranky and starting to feel quite run down. Stuffy, runny nose, feverish, you know... generally yucky, but still not yucky enough to call in reinforcements.

Fish is in rare form these days, and obeying me is obviously an optional item. I try not to discipline too much when I feel this bad because it usually isn't a very just punishment. Tonight, he put himself in the corner. Even he is recognizing how bad he's being right now.

I know that these days will pass. I know that when they do, we'll be back to normal, whatever that is. I don't think I've ever seen a "normal" week around here.

In the meantime, remind me again... I am called to this life. I am called to sainthood. My children are my path to holiness... boy do I have some work to do.


The Bookworm said...

Oh, can I relate! I have lost track of what "normal" is supposed to be around here.

Barbara said...

I hope the end of your week improved. My youngest gave me no notice when he finally decided once and for all that he was done. I didn't know it was the last time, so who's to say?

Kids are soooo rewarding (but sometimes kinda exhausting too - LOL!)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

HA! Just last week I was telling my sis that "Mari is probably going to wean soon" and just when I uttered those seems like every five minutes she "assumes the position" and grunts at me and starts swatting at me as if to say, "C'mon woman, whip it out, I haven't got all DAY!". Well. I think she's so darn cute, I hardly have the gumption to put her in her place but I know that now starts her independence and I have to help her with that. It is very hard to remember the good times when the bad days come a knockin'! Just when I was about to go on a three day vacation so she would forget about nursing, I discovered a funny. If I ask her a question while she's nursing, she bobs her head up and down and grunts, "YES". It's the funniest looking phenomenon that I've forgotten about weaning and am just letting her do her thing for a while until the days get busier and she (has already) lessens her need to nurse so much.

Cindy said...

Hang in there, Karen.. hope things have improved!