Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are any of us "Qualified?"

Lillian had a wonderful post today that really gave me something to think about. I wrote this response to her and thought that perhaps I should post it here as well. Not for any other reason other than for a few moments today, I had a rational, somewhat spiritual thought inbetween leaky diapers, children who won't get ready for school, and a very full day that I am quite anxious about. Remind me about this post later, when I need it, OK??

You can read her post here.

God has called us to be mothers to our families. He has blessed us with the families that we have. Why? Not because we are qualified, but because He will qualify us to be their mothers. He will hand us the grace that we need as we need it. And sometimes, He watches us struggle because it is exactly what we need to grow.

A very wise lady once told me that the big secret in homeschooling is that sure, it is great for the kids, but truely, it is our path to sanctification! Every day we must die to ourselves, become "little Christs" to our families, and because we are human, we sometimes, or in my case, we often fall short of His glory.

Therein lies the beauty of our vocation. Our children, our husbands, see us as human. They see that we are not perfect and we sometimes lose our patience. Then they, as we have modeled towards them so many times, have the opportunity to forgive us as we humble ourselves and ask for their forgiveness. It is their opportunity to be "little Christs" to us.

#2 - Common sense can't be taught? I must tell you, it has to be! My children have learned much about common sense, sometimes the easy way, sometimes the hard. Fish, for example, had to learn that it is not good to eat glass. It is not good to pull down a cup of hot tea onto yourself. It is not good to go check out the fire ant's house... The older children have learned things like, make sure to ALWAYS watch the baby and DON'T let him near the stairs, always put your money in a wallet, don't buy junk, and even more difficult common sense lessons such as, don't drink, don't use drugs, don't have premarital sex, etc...

Common sense is learned. Sometimes through watching others, sometimes through personal experience. As the mothers of these precious souls, we try to teach them all that we can and then we must let go, trust in God and His angels, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Free will exists even in the youngest of souls.

We are called to become saints, we are called to act as Christ, but we will usually mess up somewhere along the way. Only then can we grow in our path to holiness. Holiness doesn't come from always doing everything right. It comes from doing things wrong over and over, and gradually, over time, through many sessions of reconcilliation and constant prayer, do we begin to become more holy.

In the meantime, stock up on bandaids, fill the medicine cabinet with Benadryl, peroxide, gauze, owie creams, great friends and families phone numbers, and most importantly, prayers.

And remember, as I read on another blog somewhere along the way, to kiss the hands of our children each day. After all, these are the children who will open the gates of Heaven for us.

And I'm betting Kolbe won't try to catch bees ever again... One more thing, to all you moms out there this is just for the record... I yelled at my kids three times during the writing of this post, no one, including myself is dressed for the day nor have we started school work, and it is 9:40 am. Good thing there is confession on Saturday!!

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Lillian said...

Thanks again for your advice! Maybe you could start an email list (in your spare time of course) with daily words of wisdom?? I'd be you first subscriber!