Friday, March 02, 2007

Family Nights

Mark and I have tried the last few years, to keep Friday nights as our family night. We are avid Stargate fans and we love to watch it together while splurging on pizza and rootbeer, followed by icecream.

The kids know that Fridays are reserved for family. Occasionally something else will come up, but we really try to limit that.

Well, Stargate has been on hiatus for awhile now, and they aren't going to be on the air with new episodes after this season, so I've been wondering what we'll do with our Family Nights.

Then I came upon this last night. I looked it over and it seems like a very doable activity for all ages. I am hoping the rest of the family is interested in doing this, even in a modified fashion. Thank you to Jeff and his wife for the inspiration!

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