Thursday, May 04, 2006

Recognizing my blessings

Upon reading this beautiful post by Melissa Wiley at Bonny Glen, I feel compelled to share how things run around my house. When hearing that I am a homeschooling mom, I too have received those comments such as, "WOW, you must be so patient"; "you must be so organized"; "I don't know how you do it, I never could"; "You are a better woman than I am."

I try to stop them mid-comment and let them know that "I" really am not patient, nor organized, nor smarter than average, nor super-powered! Rather, as a very wise woman once told me, "God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called." I have been called to this lifestyle by God. I truly believe that this is the path He has chosen for me to grow in holiness. Most days I do not do a very good job. In fact, somedays are down right badly done! But I try to reflect on the blessing that God has given me by ALLOWING me the priviledge to be at home with my children all the while learning along-side them.

My husband is a great support. He does not like me to brag about his contributions to often, but I will tell you a bit of what he does each day. He meets me at Tae Kwon Do to pick up the baby and the 4 year old, leaving me to work at the school and watch the older children. He then heads home to prepare dinner for us. I am not talking about pizza, fast-food,etc, I am talking about delicious home-cooked, wonderful meals, each and every night. OK... Friday night is family night and we usually have pizza. But most often, he spends his first 2 hours at home cooking for his family.

At night, he bathes the children that need to be bathed and tucks them into bed while I nurse the baby and settle him in. Then he starts on the laundry. I can usually get it washed and dried, but he will spend the late nights folding and stacking so that we can put it away the next day. Some days get away from me and I'll not have an opportunity to do the washing, so he will throw a load or two in. He will also put the clothes away if I can't get to that.

My husband LOVES to vacuum. It is his passion in life! Anyone who knows him, knows this is true, even him! I love to sweep, he loves to vacuum. Some days I will call him and tell him how difficult the day has been and how messy the house is. He is always sure to tell me to focus on taking care of the kids and he'll handle the other things when he gets home. And he does. He can clean up a house in no time flat. A project that would take me hours he can accomplish in 30 mins.

He does many other tasks around here as well. He shops, irons, fixes things, cares for the lawn, loves the children, and never complains, ever. Oh, and most weeks, he works 6 days.

Honestly, he is a role model to me. I am a pretty high strung person at heart, and he calms me. He reassures me. He loves me.

If it were not for my husband, I could not do what I do, which sometimes doesn't look like much.

I also must mention my children. They are the most wonderful children I know. I don't just say this because they are mine, I say this because it is true. They help me with the baby. They help with one another. They help with the house. They help friends. They give of themselves. I strive to be half the person that they all seem to be.

And of course, none of what I do could possibly be done with out the support of wonderful friends, family, and most importantly, Christ. He is my source of strength. He is my hope. He is my comfort.

Another homeschooling mother I know used to say about homeschooling, "I homeschool, not very well, but from my knees." I live this statement each and every day.

Over the last several years, I have learned that I have an ideal that I would like to achieve with our homeschool. It is rarely if ever met. We do live in reality. We have illnesses, babies, difficulties, deaths, depressions, birthdays, vacations, etc. We try to put our faith first and our relationships with one another before the academics. Yes, I do plan and plan the years course of study for each child. Yes, I do get caught up and concerned with where the children are in their studies. Yes, I do get wound up when we aren't "on track", but in the end, when I kiss my children good-night, I want to be able to look upon that day and say that I have helped them to know God a little bit more. Perhaps by my example of living well that day, more often by my willingness to admit my mistakes and try again the next.

After all, I am trying to raise souls that I will be proud to give back to God.


Amy said...

What a wonderful reminder - especially your last line!

Alice said...

What a tremendous tribute to your husband and children. Isn't it such a blessing to be able to recognize how wonderful the closest people in our lives truly are.

And you are wonderful too!

MC said...

Awwww *sniff* I always knew I wanted to marry someone just like my brother - even though he was pretty mean to me. He sure has changed since I was 5. Happy birthday big brother!

mira said...

Thanks to you I wrote this. It is all definitely food for thought.

Big hugs!