Thursday, May 25, 2006

Latin Centered Curriculum

I have spent a better part of today reading through this "must-own if you are a homeschooler" gem. If you are not a homeschooler, you should read it anyway to see what exactly our educational systems are lacking and why the present educational method in use will never compare to that of the Ancients.

Mr. Campbell has done a wonderful job of defining what a true classical curriculum is, the history of it, and why it should continue to be, especially for those who desire to become something more. He demonstrates through numerous examples that a "real education" is not just for the wealthy or the priviledged.

He also provides a very detailed break-down of the three parts of the Trivium. I have yet to see this done in a more approachable format.

Along with this, he offers a scope and sequence as well as suggestions for curricula to help the homeschooling parent who might feel a bit overwhelmed with the many choices available to them.

Personally, I felt that this book pulled together the ideas and methods of education that I have been trying to implement in our homeschool since we began 8 years ago. Reading this book helped me to consider refocusing that which we are already doing into a more logical path that will help to get the children to where I envision them.

I am more encouraged than ever to begin my own classical education right alongside my children.

If you can only buy one book for yourself this homeschooling year, (HORRORS!!), I would highly recommend this one.

To read more about this book, visit the Latin Centered website.

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