Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Calm within the storm

This weekend brought quite a bit of rain to us, sorely needed at that! In between the raindrops, we decided to go ahead and plant our herb garden. We also planted a few tomato plants as well.

I decided to do container planting this time. I think it will be more manageable for the kids (and for me!).

Earlier in the day, I noticed one of my mom's planted had bloomed. It's amazing how that bloom left me with a connection to her.
I am not sure what type of plant it is. My brother said it was a corn plant. Any ideas? Two more blooms appeared overnight.

This is turning out to be a very busy week for us. More details to follow. I'll try to post as I can.


Alice said...

I've always wanted to try herb container gardening! You'll have delicious fresh ingredients right at your fingertips!

Seaag said...

Good luck on your herb garden. What a blessing when you can harvest. You will all feel so rewarded when you use it.

Cucumbers are also great container plants.

Love you all and Miss you. I can't believe yr little one is growing so fast.