Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

We were so blessed with a beautiful Easter this year. The weather was a bit questionable as we made our way to church in the pouring rain. We were quite certain that our plans of an outdoor egg hunt for the little ones was a wash and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to hide eggs for 11 children in my home!

As we sat in church waiting for Mass to begin, the rain stopped, the sun began to shine and the church filled with a glorious light as the rays shone through the stained glass windows. Truly a moment to be savored.

As the Entrance Alleluia was sung, I immediately began to cry. It was so moving to hear the Alleluia which has been left out of our Mass since Ash Wednesday. I felt my mother's presence through out the entire Mass, with every song that was sung. She would have loved it all.

Even Mark mentioned that the last time it rained on Easter was the last Easter that she had at her place in the country. The whole family went out there and she loved every moment of the day. I remember that last time. It was raining, yet it seemed to stop just long enough for us to hold the egg hunt, only to start raining again soon after we were through. I remember being outside with the children and looking at her as she watched from her window. She was too weak to join us outside, but she was still enjoying watching the fun from where she was. I also remember hearing a voice, or having the thought, "this will be the last year she will be able to be here."

That proved to be true. The next Easter was the last day I saw her. The next day she passed into the arms of her Lord, and she never looked more beautiful.

I am so grateful to have the memories that I have of the last few moments of her life. It is a testimony to me to live each day to the fullest, to love always, to forgive easily, and to never be afraid to be hurt.

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Neen said...

I feel like I know your mom through your writings. She must have been so special to go to heaven during the Easter season.

That family shot is wonderful. I am sad as we didn't get an entire family shot.