Saturday, February 28, 2009

Catechism, Fish-style

Fish and I are reviewing some of the material for his Sacramental Preparation class tomorrow, and while it is sometimes quite mind-numbing trying to grab this boy's attention, I must say, he certainly knows how to get mine with some wonderful one-line zingers!

We were discussing the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist and what those words mean. Eucharist means "to give thanks" and we discussed at great length (ok, for about 3 minutes) how we can show God our thanks.

We brought up the idea that we can thank God in our quiet times with Him. I asked Fish if he ever talks to God. He replied, " Yep, at night when I am trying to go to sleep!" I then asked him what kinds of things he talks about with God.

He replied, "Well... we just play Rock, Paper, Scissors"...

I said, "WHAT?! Ok, Fish, so who wins?" To which his answer was, "Uh, mom? He does! Remember, He knows my thoughts, so He already knows what I am going to do, so He always wins!"

Later in the conversation, he said "Mom, God is tough!" I inquired as to why he would say that and he replied, "Well, He ALWAYS beats the Devil!"

Finally, we completed our lesson with the writing of a prayer to be said after meals.

Here is Fish's prayer... just when I thought nothing was getting in there...

Thank you God for our family. Thank you God for our lives and all of our blessings. Help us to always remember to share our blessings with others. Help all of our family to go safely to Heaven. Amen.

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SAHMinIL said...

My DS is preparing to receive the sacraments as well. As a matter of fact he will receive THIS weekend. Just in time for Easter, so we can all receive together Easter Sunday.

Much like your little one my DS has been witty through this whole process and at times I'm in awe of his knowledge!