Friday, November 14, 2008

I have been feeling quite unsuccessful lately, in many areas, running, work, mothering, homeschooling, my faith life, etc. In fact, I actually uttered the words, "I think I am just going to quit running until after the holidays" last night. Then a "friend" shared this with me. It is from Magnificat and she read it during adoration last night...

"When we see our efforts are unsuccessful, let us throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus. Groaning over the world's iniquity, let us beg his divine heart to lay bare his infinite treasures of mercy. Then let us return again to our work, without giving in to exhaustion. Hardships must never discourage the spouse of Christ; rather, they should make her stronger and more determined. Do not be dismayed by rejection and mockery. Go forward always, with the serenity and fortitude of angels, because you are the angels of the earth and so must continue on your way in the midst of so many contrary influences. Everyone can be serene when things run smoothly; it is in difficult situations that fidelity and constancy are proven."
- Mother Cabrini

It is now blown up, placed on my mirror, and being studied by me. I swear, I need some new friends... LOL

I thank God for my friends. He always uses them in the most wonderful ways!