Friday, October 17, 2008

So far behind

I don't know how I can catch up on posts when I am this far behind. The best I can do is give you a smathering of photos.

We had a good time on our trip to Colorado. It was a bit scary when Mark had to go to the emergency room. He developed HAPE as a result of being at 11,000 feet. Next time we head to the hills, we will be sure to stay a few days at lower elevation and work our way up. It was too beautiful to say we'd not go back. Aside from the altitude sickness and HAPE, it was a wonderful, beautiful place to be and once the medical bills disappear, I am sure we will have many memories to treasure!! LOL

I bet if I had turned off his oxygen, he wouldn't have beat us at pool!

Fish at Garden of the Gods.

A view the Katharine Lee Bates might have enjoyed!

One thing I hope I never forget, the Quaking Aspen! They were so incredibly beautiful! They reminded me of Birch Trees, only more vibrant. These trees alone call my soul back to Colorado.

Lem at Lake Dillon. Can you imagine playing at this park everyday??

Boo on the playset.

Even the big kids couldn't resist the playing!!

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