Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day Out With Thomas

For Boo's 3rd Birthday, we celebrated with a trip to Rusk State Park and the Texas State Railroad.

Thomas was there complete with all the trimmings. The weather was perfect, there was plenty of shopping, and priceless memories were made.

How do you choose just ONE train??!!

This is Boo's reaction to seeing the full-sized Thomas pulling into the station.

This was everyone's first ride on a real train, including Mark and I. It was lots of fun and we plan to go back with the Polar Express comes into town!

Boo was getting a bit sleepy...

Boo could have spent weeks at these train tables! Needless to say, each child that had to be extracted from these tables left the same way... kicking and screaming!

Lem had fun even though she and Foo were probably the oldest kids there...


Andrea said...

Looks like fun! Jakeb, now 15, loved Thomas and his buddies when he was little. Makes me very nostalgic to see your photos and your cute little boy. They just grow up too quickly!

Sherri said...

I so wish that we could have taken our Carter there when he was into Thomas the Train! He would have been so amazed!
I'm glad Boo had a great day!