Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prayer of St. Therese

This prayer brought me to my knees on Sunday night. Gomer, our youth minister, shared it with us and about 250 teens at LifeNight.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day Out With Thomas

For Boo's 3rd Birthday, we celebrated with a trip to Rusk State Park and the Texas State Railroad.

Thomas was there complete with all the trimmings. The weather was perfect, there was plenty of shopping, and priceless memories were made.

How do you choose just ONE train??!!

This is Boo's reaction to seeing the full-sized Thomas pulling into the station.

This was everyone's first ride on a real train, including Mark and I. It was lots of fun and we plan to go back with the Polar Express comes into town!

Boo was getting a bit sleepy...

Boo could have spent weeks at these train tables! Needless to say, each child that had to be extracted from these tables left the same way... kicking and screaming!

Lem had fun even though she and Foo were probably the oldest kids there...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Boo is 3!!!!!!!!

I can't believe he is already 3! It doesn't seem possible that he could be that old already.

We will be celebrating tomorrow with a trip to see Thomas the Tank!

Happy Birthday, Boo! You are loved so very much!

Homecoming 2008

It's hard to believe a few short months from now, we will be watching Bean go off to school and onto a new phase of life. I pray she is always this joyful.

What a great bunch of kids!

Poor Trev had shingles, but still looks like he was having fun!

So far behind

I don't know how I can catch up on posts when I am this far behind. The best I can do is give you a smathering of photos.

We had a good time on our trip to Colorado. It was a bit scary when Mark had to go to the emergency room. He developed HAPE as a result of being at 11,000 feet. Next time we head to the hills, we will be sure to stay a few days at lower elevation and work our way up. It was too beautiful to say we'd not go back. Aside from the altitude sickness and HAPE, it was a wonderful, beautiful place to be and once the medical bills disappear, I am sure we will have many memories to treasure!! LOL

I bet if I had turned off his oxygen, he wouldn't have beat us at pool!

Fish at Garden of the Gods.

A view the Katharine Lee Bates might have enjoyed!

One thing I hope I never forget, the Quaking Aspen! They were so incredibly beautiful! They reminded me of Birch Trees, only more vibrant. These trees alone call my soul back to Colorado.

Lem at Lake Dillon. Can you imagine playing at this park everyday??

Boo on the playset.

Even the big kids couldn't resist the playing!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Post - Ike Report

A bit overdue for those of you who don't read my other blog. We did make it through the storm minus a few trees and some fencing, but overall, we were fine. So many others are not and will not be for quite some time.

Our tree barely missed out neighbor's home.

Our fence was downed by a tree. It was nice to finally meet this neighbor! Unfortunately, he had just finished building his daughter's play structure the weekend before Ike. Now it is crushed.

We made the best of things while the power was out. Lem and I began to live in the Pioneer Spirit as we hand-washed and hung dry our clothes. Mark wasn't too impressed, but I was so proud! Lem and I were so excited to fold the clothes that we loving washed with our hands and dried in the beautiful, bright sunlight.

Note the tree in the background!

I do admit that I loved being outside so much. God blessed us with some wonderful weather, that which we don't see too often in Houston, especially in September. We were able to sleep with the windows open, and if it weren't for the obnoxious sounds of the generators in the background, we might have even slept!

The kids played outside with the neighbor's kids. All the neighbors were outside enjoying the weather and sharing information on where to get ice, gas, etc. It was reminiscent of 5 years ago when our neighborhood was always like this. I miss those days and I don't know why it took Ike to make me realize that we don't do this anymore.

Boo and Princess Carmen

Kid being kids!

We were very fortunate to get our power on quickly. It was on by late Tuesday afternoon. I had just finished my run when I heard the kids screaming, "HEY THE PORCH LIGHTS JUST CAME ON!!!" They ran into the house, turned all the lights on, and then ran back outside screaming.... "LET'S GET BACK AND FINISH OUR GAME!"

Shortly after the lights came on, we had to start to get ready for our vacation to Colorado. I'll post more pictures from our trip later.

The neighborhood worked together to rake the debris into piles which were just this week picked up. I imagine it will take some time to get all of the debris collected from our town.