Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Boo-ness

There are so many things that Boo says and does that I hope I never forget, but as history has proven, I know I will.

So in no special order, I will jot down random items of note. Maybe if I was better about blogging, I'd have a better record of these things.

Nose again!

please ignore the awful picture of me and only gaze over the adorable two-year old on my lap!

(Boo gets frequent bloody noses and they used to freak him out. Mark helps to stop the bloody nose with a tp torpedo that is placed in the nostril to absorb the blood. Sounds weird. Looks even weirder! But one time Boo caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and started cracking up! Now, when ever he gets a bloody nose, instead of crying and screaming, he starts laughing and announces, "Nose Again!" and proceeds to get some tp for daddy.


Boo knows all of his letters and numbers by sight and in order when recited. I don't know how or why he happens to have this information, but it is adorable to be at the pool and have him get out, run to the "No Diving" sign and spell it out. The lifeguards are in awe, as am I. He says them all properly with the exception of one letter, "W". He pronounces it "Ba-Doo-doo". I know he'll need to out grow this, but it is so sweet to hear him say that...

When trying to put him to bed, we have to turn around all of the clocks in the room because he reads the numbers of the digital clocks. He'll announce the time over and over again until the time changes and then he'll start all over again. Often he will announce the time backwards. For instance, if it is 9:05, he will say, "5-0-9". So, being the dyslexia freak that I am, I will insist that he say it properly. Instead he argues with me telling me that it is indeed "5-0-9!" I will continue to say, "No, it's 9:05", and then I'll hear, "No, mommy, it's 9:06!" Smarty pants!

The other thing he does with letters and numbers is that he turns them around to make other letters. For instance, "M" becomes "W"; "A" becomes "V". An "E" can become a "3", a "p" can become a "b" or a "q" or a "9". Now this might not be a big deal for most people, but when I recall that he is only 2 years old, it really blows my mind.

One day, Boo and Fish were doing a letter puzzle. Fish announced that Boo knew his letters better than he did! Fish is 6. I am sure this was the catalyst to his sudden interest in learning to read.

I think Boo is considering potty-training. Often he will announce, "PANTS!" when he needs to be changed.

His newest passion is to have his ears cleaned as he is falling asleep. He gets nice and comfy and then as I begin to clean his ears, he drops off to a deep sleep and is out for the night.

Well, since he is currently attempting to hijack the keyboard, I am going to sign off for now.


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MC said...

Sooooooooo cute! And you know, the ear cleaning thing? I can so relate! When the girls and I were at the beach house one weekend, they were making fun of me because, when I'd clean my ears w/ q-tips, I'd close my eyes and get really relaxed. He IS my nephew!