Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's 2008!

A Happy Belated New Year to you all! I have taken quite a break from my blogging on this blog for the last few months. My focus has been on my training for the Marathon which I will be participating in on January 13th. For those who don't know, you can read my running blog here.

I hope to get back to more regular and relevant posts here afterwards.

The last two weeks have been a wonderful vacation for us around the home-front. No work, no school, just relaxing, eating, more relaxing, and some organizing.

I have re-vamped some of our school subjects, leaning more towards Ambleside again. I always feel that we get so much more out of the literature choices we take from AO.

I'd really love to enroll Bean in the expository essay class with Bravewriter, but I can't justify the cost so soon after Christmas.

She and Foo are slated to take the SAT this month. Foo is doing it as part of the Duke's TIP program. I am very curious to see how he does.

Bean has her permit now and will begin driving lessons with her father any time now. Consider yourselves warned.

I pray I'll get some time to post some pictures and more about our goings on soon. Until then, I wish you all peace!

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