Sunday, January 06, 2008

Highlights of Advent and Christmas

Things I want to remember about this Advent and Christmas, in no certain order...

1. Foo arranging to decorate for Christmas as a surprise for us.
2. Boo's reaction to seeing the tree magically appear after his nap. Utter fear.
3. Every night we had to say "good night treeeeee". All lights were trees. All
Christmas decorations were trees.
4. Boo picked up an ornament and thought it was a ball. Imagine the expression on
face when it failed to bounce...
5. Boo didn't touch the tree for the rest of the season. Wonder why?
6. Sleeping in late most every day for two weeks!
7. Having Mark home all the time, all season and beyond!
8. Lem making Christmas cookies all by herself, TWICE!
9. Seeing Fish get totally excited when he pulled Tannie (his yellow lab Webkinz) out of his stocking.
10. Watching Bean turn into a kid again upon opening her lime green digital camera.
11. Having the Alicia spend the night.
12. Spending countless hours with extended family and friends.
13. Watching said family spend countless hours playing guitar hero and rock band.
14. Hearing Deacon Joe's homily today.
15. Preparing for the marathon with friends.
16. Seeing Boo's expression when he woke from his nap to see that the tree had magically disappeared. He actually looked under the couch for it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi K! It's Krysten. I've been watching this blog for awhile. I'm glad to see that you are back. We too blessed our home on Epiphany. New tradition for us, and quite meaningful.

I can totally relate to the sleeping in part. Great huh? My Ben also through a Christmas ball, but that made it all the more cool.

Anyway, thought I'd tell you I've been here.