Monday, January 28, 2008

Marathons and Memories

I have been sorely neglecting my 'Mommy' blog as there are just not enough hours in the day. At times I think I should close this one and maintain my running one. But it just doesn't feel right, not yet.

For now, I will be content to update when I can and try to hit the major highpoints of our lives and our faith.

Boo is growing so quickly. His vocabulary increases with every passing day. These are the times when I wish I had a video camera so that I could capture these moments to be treasured. But how do you pick the moments? They are all so precious and so blessed, and I am not deserving of any of them. I will accept these daily gifts from God as long as He presents them.

Lem will be hitting double digits in a very short while. I can't believe my baby girl will be growing into a young woman so soon. She is so beautiful and precious, kind and righteous (in the good way.)

Bean and Foo had the pleasure of taking the SAT this past weekend. They were such troopers. I don't know that I could sit in a chair for four hours and wrack my brain for information. What was really funny was Bean's comment today. She said out of the blue, "Ya know mom, I don't really care what my scores are because there is no way that they can tell how smart I am from that test!" She is so right! I pray that the college that Bean wants to attend meets her and gets to know her. She will do just fine on the SAT, but I hope that the school that she chooses to attend accepts her because they believe in her as a person, not because of some numbers on a page.

Fish is busy being Fish. His insights on life always astound me. To have his wisdom...

I did finish my first marathon. It was a life-changing experience. The love and support that I received during my training, on race day, and the days following, were nothing short of amazing. I have a truly blessed life and I pray I don't forget to show how grateful I am to each person in my life.

My favorite time of the liturgical year is just around the corner. I will be posting some thoughts and ideas on Lent in the days to come.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm with her!

This woman is calling herself the meanest mom in the world. If this is mean, then sign me up. She probably saved this kid's life in one way or another...

I wonder if the ACLU or CPS will be knocking on her door.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Highlights of Advent and Christmas

Things I want to remember about this Advent and Christmas, in no certain order...

1. Foo arranging to decorate for Christmas as a surprise for us.
2. Boo's reaction to seeing the tree magically appear after his nap. Utter fear.
3. Every night we had to say "good night treeeeee". All lights were trees. All
Christmas decorations were trees.
4. Boo picked up an ornament and thought it was a ball. Imagine the expression on
face when it failed to bounce...
5. Boo didn't touch the tree for the rest of the season. Wonder why?
6. Sleeping in late most every day for two weeks!
7. Having Mark home all the time, all season and beyond!
8. Lem making Christmas cookies all by herself, TWICE!
9. Seeing Fish get totally excited when he pulled Tannie (his yellow lab Webkinz) out of his stocking.
10. Watching Bean turn into a kid again upon opening her lime green digital camera.
11. Having the Alicia spend the night.
12. Spending countless hours with extended family and friends.
13. Watching said family spend countless hours playing guitar hero and rock band.
14. Hearing Deacon Joe's homily today.
15. Preparing for the marathon with friends.
16. Seeing Boo's expression when he woke from his nap to see that the tree had magically disappeared. He actually looked under the couch for it!

Happy Feast of Epiphany!

The last day of Christmas is here. As we celebrate the Feast of Epiphany, my family and I will reluctantly put away our decorations of the Christmas Season.

We are still listening to Christmas music, especially this new CD. It is a wonderful addition to our collection.

Funny thing about Christmas music. I am old school. I don't want to hear it during Advent. I look with great anticipation towards Christmas Eve Mass when I hear Silent Night for the first time. After all, Advent is a period of waiting and desiring to hear the music, yet "waiting" until Christmas Eve helps me to remember which season we are truly in. So many beautiful songs, so many beautiful emotions. Hearing them the day after Thanksgiving takes away from the sacredness of the moment for me.

My husband on the other hand, can't wait til the day after Thanksgiving! He loves hearing the Christmas music as soon as possible. The music fills his heart with such joy and watching him enjoy it so much is worth the sacrifice of hearing a few songs before Christmas Eve.

The poor children will never figure us out, however. If I am driving with the kids in the car, I quickly switch the CD and/or radio station from the Christmas music and tell the kids about how we should be waiting to hear this beautiful music until Jesus comes!

Then they ride with dad. He quickly changes the CD and/or radio station TO the Christmas Music and states, "IT'S CHRISTMAS! We are listening to Christmas music and nothing else!"

And they wonder why they are so confused! Crazy parents...

We have great fun with this little disagreement in our home. I am sure our children will always remember it. And then they will make their own traditions.

Speaking of traditions, today is the perfect day to bless your home. You can read about how to do this here.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's 2008!

A Happy Belated New Year to you all! I have taken quite a break from my blogging on this blog for the last few months. My focus has been on my training for the Marathon which I will be participating in on January 13th. For those who don't know, you can read my running blog here.

I hope to get back to more regular and relevant posts here afterwards.

The last two weeks have been a wonderful vacation for us around the home-front. No work, no school, just relaxing, eating, more relaxing, and some organizing.

I have re-vamped some of our school subjects, leaning more towards Ambleside again. I always feel that we get so much more out of the literature choices we take from AO.

I'd really love to enroll Bean in the expository essay class with Bravewriter, but I can't justify the cost so soon after Christmas.

She and Foo are slated to take the SAT this month. Foo is doing it as part of the Duke's TIP program. I am very curious to see how he does.

Bean has her permit now and will begin driving lessons with her father any time now. Consider yourselves warned.

I pray I'll get some time to post some pictures and more about our goings on soon. Until then, I wish you all peace!