Saturday, December 29, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

If you are a listener of KSBJ, you may have already heard this, but for those of you who aren't listeners or like me, just never heard this conversation, I can tell you, it is worth the few minutes to listen...

Monday, December 24, 2007

And Unto Us a Savior is Born!


Merry Christmas! We will see you in 2008!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

What a nice way to draw Advent to a close!

After Mass, we packed up the vehicles and headed out in search of Christmas lights to behold.

We found a few neighborhoods that truly embraced the Christmas spirit and many even had Nativity scenes!

Thanks to the Neen Family, we had hot cocoa, WITH marshmallows! The kids had a blast and I hope that this quickly planned outing becomes a new tradition.

Finally, the little bladders and hungry tummy won us over and we returned to the house for a few pictures, bathroom privileges, and some dinner.

Amazing that all the kids looked at the camera at the same time!

The Girls!

The Guys!

The Guys and the Dads

The folks responsible for all those kids!

And let's not forget Santa's cutest elf...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I've been meaning to post the latest Fishism for a few weeks. Better late than never I suppose.

Aunt Marli experienced this one...

Fish: Aunt Marli, what's that place called that's not Heaven and not Hell? I think it starts with a "P"...

AM: Purgatory?

Fish: No, I think it's called the Pizza Parlor...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

RoseMary is now a saint!

For all of those who have been praying for RoseMary Teresa, I wanted you to read about the last day of her life from her Uncle. What a beautiful, loving family and how I wish I had even a small amount of the faith that they have shown through this time in their lives. Please continue to pray for the family and those who are most affected by her death. She lived a short time, but every day of her life was a miracle and truly a gift from Our Father.

Uncle Joe shares:
RoseMary Teresa should not have lived one day
according to the experts. And she didn't, she lived 45
days, each day packed with, and powered by love. Love
completely surrounded this beautiful baby from the
time she was in her mothers womb through her birth and
throughout her entire life.

Last summer, when Mary and David received the news of
RoseMary Teresa's condition before her birth, they
made a conscious choice to love this baby completely
regardless of the fact that they knew it very well
could break their hearts. But they chose the path of
love, regardless.

Mary's mother used to say that joy and sorrow are like
two vines growing together. If you want one you have
to take both and then completely trust that Our Lord
will provide the grace necessary when the time comes.

Mary and David had deliberately chosen to always live
each moment with RoseMary Teresa, celebrating and
cherishing her. They would not worry. They would trust
confidently in God's Mercy and Providence, knowing
that he would care for them and whatever needs they
might have. There would be no "bad days" for RoseMary
Teresa. There would be no days wasted to worrying.

Yesterday, Sunday December 2, began just as everyday
had begun for RoseMary Teresa. She was peaceful,
surrounded by the love of her mommy, her daddy, her
brothers, her grandparents, her aunts, her uncles, her
cousins, and all of you, her new spiritual family.
Mary and David were continuing to live each moment in
gratitude for their most precious RoseMary Teresa.

At around 5 o'clock, they noticed that something had
changed with RoseMary Teresa. It was a slight change,
but when you love someone as intensely as they do
RoseMary, you notice these things. They called
RoseMary's doctor. He came to the house as he has done
so many times before, an act of kindness and
generosity which helped to make their lives just a
little easier. He arrived around 6:30pm. He examined
her, listened to her heart and confirmed that her
heart was indeed failing.

It was her fetal valve. It was closing. It had
persistently stayed open despite what the experts said
should have happened. The doctors thought RoseMary
Teresa should have died in the first day. The fetal
valve was still open, though, and was providing the
extra assistance to her heart, which was keeping her
alive. It should have closed sooner. In most cases,
within 3 - 5 days. Maybe in a very few cases, it may
stay open for two weeks, tops.

Our Lord, in His supreme generosity had given RoseMary
Teresa to us for 45 days, and was now, in his infinite
mercy, love and wisdom, bringing her back to Himself.

The Family gathered. For the next 4 1/2 hours they
prayed, they sang, they spoke to RoseMary and each
other. Mary wanted to sing "Now Thank We All Our God"
as she and David had done every morning of RoseMary's
short life. But she couldn't find her voice. Their
family doctor started singing in his rich deep
baritone, the family soon joined.

David held RoseMary. Mary was right next to him
caressing her. Both providing comfort and protection,
helping her to be still and peaceful. Mary rubbed her
head and face. RoseMary always loved when her mommy
would do this, showing small almost imperceptible
signs of her pleasure whenever her mother touched her.
The boys were there, her big brothers, praying softly
for their only sister. Her Aunt, and uncles were
there. Many of her cousins were there in that family
room. RoseMary's doctor was there. All praying.

Mother Teresa was there with The Blessed Mother,
invisible, embracing their RoseMary Teresa.

Our Lord was there. As Mary said, He was flooding the
room with His Peace. The peace and love from all of
your many many prayers and sacrifices.

Throughout this whole time RoseMary Teresa was
peaceful. There would be short little struggles, then

It was sometime between the 5th Joyful Mystery, the
finding of our Lord in The Temple, and the Salve
Regina that our beautiful, perfect, RoseMary Teresa
was gently cradled by Our Blessed Mother and Blessed
Mother Teresa of Calcutta and taken from our presence
and into the Full Presence of Our Lord.

David had been holding his finger softly over
RoseMary's heart and he felt it slowly flutter and
fade. He called the doctor who had been quietly
praying with the family this whole time. The doctor
confirmed that RoseMary Teresa's spirit was gone from
her body. RoseMary Teresa moved from the embrace of
her earthly father and went into the embrace of her
Heavenly Father.

David gave RoseMary's body to Mary who softly cradled
her child, weeping quietly and giving her precious
daughter back to The Lord, saying "Oh RoseMary, I love
you so much. I love you. Thank you God. Thank You for
this gift. I take what you give and I give what you

There was such a sound in her voice. In her voice was
tremendous sorrow, joy, gratitude, and trust in God.
If you heard it, you would never forget it. I will
never forget it.

After the Rosary, there was weeping. There was also
rejoicing, for our RoseMary Teresa who was now
enjoying the perfect happiness of heaven. On this the
first Sunday of Advent, Christmas had come early to
RoseMary Teresa. Everyone sang, they sang "Hail Holy
Queen" and other songs to Our Blessed Mother. They
sang "Father I Adore You, lay my life down before you,
how I love you" and the verses that follow.

Father Peter gave David a place in scripture to read.
Psalm 23 The Lord is My Shepherd...

The Psalm says, "Goodness and Kindness will surround
me all the days of my life." RoseMary's life literally
was only "days" and throughout her entire life she was
surrounded only by goodness and kindness. So much

After David finished reading, RoseMary Teresa's 4 1/2
year old brother Francis, looked up and asked, "Is
that book about RoseMary?" Father Peter said "yes,
it's also about you and all of us"

Everyone then had a chance to hold RoseMary Teresa.
She was so beautiful. So perfect. Each of her brothers
and family members held the body of their now departed
sister, each saying their quiet "I love you's".

Mary and David were reflecting today on the life of
their little girl. They have no regrets. It was a
perfect life filled with love. Every moment was lived
to the fullest. As Mary said "When you become a
parent, you don't just bring a child into time, you
bring them into eternity." On Sunday night at 11:05,
RoseMary Teresa entered into Eternity.

As Mary and David heal from the suffering from loss of
their daughter, they are also joyful. Mary says, "they
are just so happy for RoseMary".

There is no way to thank all of you for giving so
much. All of your prayers, all of your sacrifices. As
the Missionaries of Charity wrote several weeks ago,
"God's ways are not our ways, they are infinitely

Today, The Missionaries of Charity wrote to Mary and

"In the midst of the sorrow of no longer having
RoseMary Teresa to hold and care for, you have the
immense consolation of knowing with absolute certainty
that she is in Heaven. And so the Vicinanzo family can
humbly boast of its first saint. She is surely smiling
upon all of you and sending blessings your way from
the arms of our Heavenly Father (and after Jesus and
Our Lady, I bet Mother Teresa is first in line in the
heavenly court waiting to hold her!)

RoseMary Teresa will live on in all of our hearts and
we shall always be grateful for the way she has
enriched all of our lives."

Please keep praying for RoseMary Teresa's family. And
remember, RoseMary Teresa is now in heaven, pray to
her for your needs.

Thank you all for your many prayers. Each of you are
now and forever in the prayers of our entire family.

God Bless You.

P. S. RoseMary Teresa's funeral will be held this
Wednesday. I will send the details in a second email.
Mary and David would like you all to know that you are
all, each of you, most welcome to attend.

Never say never

I never thought that I would see myself doing this...

You know you are busy when

Your son asks if you have had a chance to talk with his father about the new computer he wants to buy, (for the 10th time) and you still haven't. The said son's response is, "Boy, Mom, it's easier to get a bill passed into a law than for you guys to get time to talk!"