Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jane! Stop this crazy thing!

I had a moment to catch up on a few of my favorite bloggers today and could not pass by Laura's post. You have got to read this. It is crazy, but unfortunately, it is reality. Supposedly, Texas has voted it out of third grade, but I wonder when the replacement books will begin to be used. Also, is the curriculum used in other grades? My older kids were in public school for a few years and I was appalled to hear the little sayings and finger tricks that the girls were taught to help them recall their math facts. I am sure this was the beginnings of the "Everyday Math" insurgence.

I liken this to the "Whole Language" experiment that was performed on us in the 70's. Ridiculous and ineffective. Unfortunately, I don't know that the cries of parents and teachers will be heard over the sound of money changing hands between school districts and publishers.

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