Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I was able to take a few minutes in adoration today, and I am so glad I did. I have been able to do this the past 3 or 4 weeks on Tuesdays after my run. I go into the adoration chapel, sweaty, stinky, and dressed in running gear. Thankfully, there are not many others in the chapel at the time. They don't seem to mind my presence, but I try to sit far away so as not to offend them with my yucky self.

It occurred to me tonight that Christ doesn't care how I show up, just that I do. He knows the worst parts about me, why should I be hesitant to show up as I am at that moment. It would only be another excuse for me not to go.

I picked up a nice little book that delivers a pretty powerful message. The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence seems to be exactly what I need right now. I was first intrigued by Brother Lawrence a few years ago when Mamabear gave me a book mark with a quote from him on it. When I saw this book sitting on the shelf, I knew it was meant for me to read. I love the simplistic message that it has.

I truly crave adoration. I need that time to bring all of those concerns directly to His feet. I feel such a sense of peace when I am able to leave them with Him and return to my family.

I was feeling a bit discouraged today as I mulled over the many stories of sinful behavior that I am hearing about in my community. I actually started thinking about how nothing could ever change the state of the world. Then I remembered, God has already won this war.

During my reading at adoration, it was said that Brother Lawrence said that "he was not shocked at the misery and sin he had heard about every day but on the contrary, considering the malice of which the sinner is capable, he was surprised that there was not more of it. He prayed for the sinner but knowing God could right the matter whenever he wished, he did not allow himself to be too upset. " (pg 24)

This is exactly what I needed to hear from the Lord tonight. Thank you, Lord.

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Alice Gunther said...

This is a beautiful reminder. I recently found out that a parish not too far from me has an adoration chapel open every day. This is such a wonderful blessing and exactly what I need.