Sunday, October 28, 2007

Birthday Recap

Last weekend we celebrated Boo's birthday by having his Godfamily over for dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to grab the camera until just before they were leaving. By that time, Boo was not up to cooperating for a picture with his Godparents. I did manage to capture a quick shot of their littlest one...

On Sunday, we celebrated with our extended family. I always love birthdays with the little ones. The excitement and wonder of the moment is so beautiful to behold.

Who is more excited?? Boo, Foo, or Lem?

Trains were the theme for the day, wait, who am I kidding, they are the theme for everyday right now. Boo loves trains! He lives and breathes trains. Last Saturday our parish had their annual children's festival and we were blessed to have a real train to ride!

The older children participated in our Tae Kwon Do School's demonstration that was put on as part of the entertainment portion of the festival. They did a tremendous job.

Of course, we had to include our traditional birthday kiss picture into our day...

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Tigpan said...

Happy Birthday Boo! I am so excited that you are two. Now if you could just slow down in your growth please...take a deep breath, enjoy the beauty of life, and grow slowly!
Love you much!