Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekly Recap

Another week going by in a blur! This was the week of the "almost Hurricane", which I really thank God passed us by because I didn't even know about it's existence until it had passed. Talk about not being prepared!

We did have some drizzle one morning this week and I was able to capture this beautiful spider web complete with it's designer. We took several shots from many different angles and it is amazing how intricate and delicate these webs are, yet they are so resilient and hardy at the same time. Reminds me of the faith I see in so many people around me. Beautiful, never-ending, and stronger than anything else on earth.

We also captured some shots of Boo in his favorite pose, shirtless. He loves to take off his shirt especially right after he has been dressed!

Here is a shot of Fish and Boo riding their cars around and around and around and around and around (you get the idea) the house...

(you can also catch a glimpse of the tiling that Mark worked so hard on)

We are settling into the school year quite nicely. There seems to be a nice ebb and flow to our days. Of course I can always find places to improve, but for now, I am content with what we are doing and I'm not going to raise the bar just to say I can check a few more boxes off in our day.

Trying to live our day as a prayer. That is the true focus of my life right now. I think this is my biggest challenge and probably the most important. If someone can see me, but they don't see Christ, I am not doing things right. I strive to do this not to "be good" but rather because I love Him. And I fail everyday. But I awake again every day to try again. I suppose much like the spider who spins her web over and over and over again, never giving up hope, but knowing that one day, the project will be done and she can rest.


Karen E. said...

Great pictures! That web is amazing.

Mr. Spamtastic said...

Inspiring post there. All too many times we don't realize how good we have things until they are well past.

and while I am happy the hurricane past you, my mom and dad got to ride through it :D

Keep striving; it turns an empty space into a beautiful network of art and intellect.