Monday, September 10, 2007

The Business of Life

Life is in full gear here, well, honestly, it is in overdrive. We are so busy, too busy it seems, but in the quiet moments, we try to savor the stillness and blogging is just to much of an intrusion. So the posts are fewer and farther between. I know you all understand.

In less then a year, I've gone from a busy homeschooling mom to an even busier, homeschooling mom running a business full-time from home! We are so blessed to be in this postion and we are even more blessed to be doing what we feel God has called us to do. In fact, I believe He orchestrated all of this for us.

In efforts to recap the events of the last week or so, I'll try to recall the highlights...

First, I must mention how hard my husband has been working the past two weekends to replace our flooring in the kitchen and guest bath. A few weeks back, our dishwasher leaked, actually, it flooded our floor UNDER the laminate which caused it to curl up and separate. It was a mess that he had to deal with all on his own while I was at a church meeting. When I came home, I had a lovely shade of concrete floor.

We were beginning to get used to the concrete, but decided we should probably go ahead and tile anyway. Being the frugal (read that "cheap") person that I am, I laughed at the bid from our local Home Depot. I reminded Mark how much we would save if WE did it OURSELVES...(read that, if HE did it!) He agreed, and spent last weekend with Foo laying tile. It made for a very tiring weekend and then week. He finished the job this weekend. It looks so beautiful. He and Foo did an amazing job, but now, WE (did I mention how much I love my husband?) must replace the countertops... they just don't match!

Last weekend was also Fish's birthday! We celebrated at Mickey Miss's house. It was a tough day for the family because of some things that had been going on, but all in all, it was a good day.

who is that masked man??

We've also been busy trying to keep up with Boo. He is really an active little guy now! His vocabulary is increasing every day with important words such as
1. Cookie
2. Mommy -there is just something about him saying this that melts my heart everytime I hear it!
3. Cookie
4. Daddy
5. Cookie
6. Go!
7. Cookie
8. Bye Bye
9. Cookie
10. Hi!
11. Cookie
12. George (as in Curious)
and many more. He is growing up so fast. I can hardly believe he is almost 2! One of the funniest things he is doing is at bedtime. He loves to remove his shirt, throw the blankets out of the bed and then scream because he is too cold to sleep. He also manages to get his leg stuck in between the rails of the crib and we have to help him get it out. He has some lovely bruises on his legs now as a result.

Godbaby came for a visit the other day. She and Boo decided to compose a few pieces. They were heavenly!

We had a very odd visitor as well one night last week. Mark had made burgers on the grill and as we were beginning to retire for the night, we looked out the patio door to find a little friend enjoying the leftovers...good thing the grill was turned off!


mira said...

Wow, so many changes! Good for you, I'm so glad that life is moving along so well in so many different directions.

Seeing the picture of your "grill meister" reminds me of the time the kids were feeding the squirrel. Thanks for the remembering.


MC said...

You forgot a word. I think I heard him say "cookie" once.

Hey what's that THING on the grill? I can't make it out! Is it a possum? Where's the head! Is that an ear sticking up? I'm so confused...