Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tiles and Dryers, and Boo, Oh My!

I just love this shot of Boo taken by Deo this past June. His eyes are so intense, yet so full of innocence. Who knew that just a few hours after this picture was taken he'd end up with a horrible bruise that is STILL not completely gone!

A few weeks ago, our dishwasher had a nice leak and the water started coming up through the laminate flooring that my husband laid himself not even 5 years ago. By the time I had returned from a church activity, I had no floor. Well, that's not totally accurate. I have a floor. It's concrete. Fashionable, yet not desirable to me. Perhaps it could be if it weren't for the paint splatters and missing quarter-rounds...

So we've been looking for tile and by some miracle, found one that we liked. Funny thing, it looks very similar to the color of the concrete, minus the paint splatters. We had a quote done and quickly decided that this would be a do-it-yourself job. Nice how I say, "we decided". More precise, I decided that this would be a "he-does-it himself, with the help of Foo" job. Did I mention how much I love my husband??

On Friday, we came home to a dryers full of clothes that seemed to be very close to igniting. The drum was no longer spinning and being 8 years old, we (again, I) decided, time for a new dryer. Off I went on the hunt, coming home with nothing. DH went out, found a great deal and brought it home. Did I mention how much I love my husband??

Also on Friday, we received the new tires that were sorely needed on Mark's car. He was able to tell me the color of the steel showing through the tread. This made me quite nervous and therefore, tires were a top priority. Did I mention how much I love my husband??

After the convention, the tiles, the dryer, and the tires, this is turning out to be a very expensive month!

Boo is officially weaned. I am sad. I miss our time together. I am trying to start a new snuggle time with him by reading to him before bed. He really doesn't listen very long before he starts flipping through the pages and going on to the next book. He is saying all kinds of things now such as GO! Banks! (as in "Jane and Michael Banks for Mary Poppins). He also says, Poppins which at any time could mean puppy, poopie or poppins.

My favorite new word is not a word at all. It is a sound he makes. When we are reading his Thomas books, he yells out "Choo choo!' in a very deep and strong little man voice! But then we see a kitty and I say to him, "Look Brendan! Can you say 'Meow'?" He says in his highest pitch sweetest little boy voice... "OWWWM". Of course my first thought is that he is dyslexic. I'm not a worry wart, much. It is very cute and I wish I had a camcorder to capture this. But I suppose writing about it will help me to remember just as well.

The girls will be testing for their 2nd degrees this next weekend. Fish and Foo are growing like weeds. Beautiful weeds.

And me, we'll I'm doing more running. If you don't see much from me on this blog, you can keep up with me on my running blog.

Business wise, we had the pleasure of being interviewed for a local online information site. You can read the interview here!

For now I must close as Boo has found my coffee (decaf) and decided to drink it. Crazy kid!

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