Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Day!

Boo got a haircut!

I was after Mark to get Boo's haircut for about the past 3 weeks. He was looking quite shaggy and I was beginning to look for Scooby trailing behind him.

Now that his locks are shorter, he looks so grown up. I can't believe how fast his babyhood has gone.

I think he is officially weaned. I am sad about that, but I know it was time. We are having to avoid cuddle time because he stills looks for it. I hope that he forgets about "that" soon so that I can enjoy snuggling with him before he's too big for that.

He did let me hold him while standing before bedtime tonight. We rocked for a few minutes to a beautiful Celtic program on PBS. He loves music and this was no exception. I think he was feeling his Irish side.

We are having fun around the house these last few weeks of summer. Foo has been buried in the entire Harry Potter series. I think I saw him last two weeks ago. I never thought I would resent my children reading, but I am! He is reading constantly and is finally almost finished with the last book. Me, well, I am on Book 1, chapter 2... It sits in the stack by my bed of many waiting to be read. Maybe one day, when I am finished holding babies and playing games with Fish or braiding Lem's hair, maybe then I'll have time for Harry.


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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

OH! I nursed Mari for the last time last Thursday. It actually took some effort to avoid that cuddle time that you talk about. She would instantly tuck her arm under mine and squeek at me to "do something!". It hurt for a couple of days but I do want a little bit of time between nursing Mari and having the baby. I just didn't want Mari to get all jealous when the baby comes or think that the baby would be stealing from her what is rightfully hers. I kind of want her to "forget" what nursing is all about before the baby comes. I always get super depressed the week after I quit nursing and am filled with regret about it. If I caved in to those feelings, I'd probably be nursing 3 kids at once! It was so nice to nurse, but everything has it's time, I guess. It served it's purpose well, and she eats and drinks like a big person now so she doesn't really "need" it anymore anyway. It's not as hard this time because of the baby we're expecting, but it's still pretty sad to know that I'll never nurse her again.

Cindy said...

Cute, cute boy! Can't believe he is old enough for that first haircut...

Sherri said...

I love love love to see mine read. I love it so much myself and want them to enjoy it too!!!