Monday, July 30, 2007

Just for today

Just for today, I am not going to complain. I am going to look around and thank God for every blessing and every challenge that He gives me. I am going to offer every discomfort, inconvenience, or misunderstanding up to Him.

How can I complain when I look into the eyes of a woman who cried all through Mass last night because her son is leaving for Iraq as an Army infantryman. As I tried to get my 5 year old to "behave" in Mass, I finally relaxed and just thanked God that he was there to make a ruckus. I wondered if the woman behind me was longing for those days with her son...

How can I complain when I have a friend who just received news that her cancer has returned. I can put an ice pack on my most serious health issue. We never know what will happen tomorrow, but today, I have my health, my children have theirs, and we can pray for those friends of ours that are struggling with health problems.

So, if you talk to me today, or anyday for that matter, and I seem to be ungrateful, please remind me of how blessed I am...


K said...

I am posting this for my beloved Father in Law. He can't quite figure out how to coment... I think it has become more complex since it now needs a google account.

Dad, thank you for these kind words. You are an inspiration to me!
You are truly blessed!!!!
You are a child of God. Created in the His image and loved by Him with an overwhelming and infinite love that no one could ever imagine how awesome this Love is.
I am most pleased and impressed with your spirituality as expressed in your message. How could anyone doubt that the Holy Spirit is with you even now as I write this comment.
There is no question in my heart to see Jesus in you, no hesitation at all in affirming that He is really present in you as well as in all of the baptized, in me, in Mart, in Brianna and all those around you. This, I believe is what Jesus meant when he said, "Feed the hungry, care for the sick, for whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me."
Thank you for being 'you', for being 'Love' itself personified; the undoubtable presence of the Divine Trinity in your soul.
This is the journey that we are all called to, to reflect His Presence in the world, to be his hands and his feet in reaching out to unbelievers, the unloved and the downtrodden especially the poor.
We have work to do as enunciated in the message of our Blessed Mother at Fatima. She said we are in an "Urgent time" now.
She is preparing all of us to be ready to welcome the triumph of her Immaculate Heart with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Keep up the good work God has started in you. I love you!

Sherri said...

Thankyou...thankyou so much for this post. I needed it at this very moment. Shame on me for complaining about the mess in the bathroom. Thank God that I have two precious boys to tee tee on the toilet lid and leave their little clothes on the floor. God bless you!