Saturday, July 21, 2007

400th Post

This post marks my 400th. Not sure what that means, but I thought, WOW, aside from nursing and changing diapers, I've been consistent with something enough to say I've done it HUNDREDS of times!!

My posting has been sporadic at best lately. We've been so busy around these parts. We are busy planning for school, training for marathons, and going full throttle with our ventures.

I couldn't let the latest Fishism pass without telling you all about it.

Ever since last October, Fish has developed a sense of fear, something I thought he'd never have. He's afraid of movie theaters, museum classes, and in general trying anything new.

We've made some progress with this and he was able to attend the movies last week with his big brother and Daddy. He was too scared to see Ratatouille, but was quite content to sit through Fantastic Four. (not mom's choice, but boys will be boys!)

Yesterday, we had the wonderful pleasure of attending a birthday party of a dear friend. There was singing, dancing, and games to be enjoyed. Fish would not partake of any of the singing or the dancing and was doing the backstroke on the games.

I encouraged him to just watch and see if he might want to try to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. He wasn't convinced, but he agreed to watch. Within minutes he was very excited to take HIS turn at being blindfolded and turned and finally let loose to get to the business of pinning.

He didn't quite make it to the donkey, but he was very close. I was proud that he tried something that was scary for him.

Best of all, my little boy, who is truly ALL BOY in every sense of the word, displayed his gentlemanly, heroic self when several of the other guests we having trouble opening their treats. He took it upon himself to go around the table and assist each one who needed it. At one point, he came to me (I was oblivious to what he was doing) and started tapping me trying to get my attention. I became a bit short with him and reminded him that he was interrupting me. He insisted that I come with him. I complied, all the while wondering what could possibly be so wrong that he had to come pull me to the table.

Once we were at the table, he began pointing at a little girl. I asked him what was wrong. He continued to just point, but with much insistence. Finally he said, "she can't eat!" This poor child could not open her treats and Joseph could not open them either. I was so proud in that moment. My little "devil" was such an angel.

Honestly, we've always known about his gentle, sensitive side, we just haven't had the opportunity to see it very much. I suspect as he matures, we will see more of this side of him.

I took the time to tell him how very proud I was of him. How his kindness and compassion were so wonderful. He glowed! I hate to admit this, but Fish does get more than his share of stern looks and firm tones. He is definitely a strong-willed person, and I try to remember that this will be a good thing some day! This moment at the party proved the point. If he hadn't been so insistent with me coming to the table, that little girl might not have enjoyed her treats.

Once we were home, I bragged about what he did to his daddy, who was very proud as well. Fish glowed once again! What a beautiful face he has...

When we asked him what his favorite part of the party was he answered...

"When we played PUT THE TAIL BACK ON THE GOAT!" I hope I never forget these memories.

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Pony and Petey said...

I love reading about your family! Thanks for sharing = )

I'm proud of Fish too...great to know that there are nice little boys who will one day grow up into nice young men. Gives me hope for the future!