Sunday, June 03, 2007

Life Lesson for Fish

Life Lesson #1

Leapsters are NOT washable.

Life Lesson #2

If you ask your older brother to pinch you, and he does, it will probably hurt.

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Oh! If you take the batteries out of the leapster and shake it out really good, dry it off, put it in a baggie with some of that damp-rid stuff that you put in your basement for a couple of weeks...It might actually start to work again! I tried it with a couple of things that somehow made their way into the bathtub (cell phone, house phone, leap pad) and it worked! Okay, Niklaus learned Life Lesson #2 (subheading "b") today..."If you try to shove your bare back at your one year old sister's head to get her attention, she WILL bite it." He looked surprised and acted like it was her fault. Hahahahaha!