Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Arguing with the Almighty

Last night, Mark and I watched Bruce Almighty in attempts to get ourselves prepped for Evan Almighty. I can not recommend Bruce Almighty for family viewing, not even really for "appropriate" viewing because of a few scenes that are less than noble coupled with a few choice curse words, but nevertheless, this movie makes me laugh out loud!

I have seen this movie several times and I still find it so funny! I love how the main character, Bruce, played by Jim Carrey, constantly and consistently talks to God, argues with God, whines at God, mopes to God, etc. I find it strangely familiar!

In one of my favorite scenes. Bruce is driving somewhere fast, asking God to show him a sign. Begging Him to tell him what to do. Of course, God, in His wonderful sense of humor, places many signs, obstacles, and bumps in Bruce's path, but Bruce doesn't see them because he is too consumed with yelling at God to show him a sign!!

I must admit that I have acted similarly myself on many occasions. I love how God still embraces us when we act so silly! Does He look down at us and giggle? I must offer Him many opportunities for a good belly laugh.

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Mr. Spamtastic said...

I might point out that Evan almighty is much more family friendly. a LOT. TONS less crude, and I find more entertaining. (:

and yes, God must have a few laugh-lines from looking at us =P