Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where is the world is K?

I feel as though I haven't had as much time to blog lately. As we head into summer, things are heating up around here in more ways than just the temperatures.

The kids are finishing up their formal school year, though they will continue with a few things over the break.

The business, thank goodness, is growing and my husband will be officially self-employed as of next Friday. Please pray that we are making the correct decision and that we continue to see God's hand in the company.

Boo is making things very interesting around here of late. If I turn my back for a moment, I'll catch him in various positions such as

The dreaded, "will he eat the Legos" position

The," I'm shocked that those little wooden blocks can sustain his weight "position:

The, "how did that chair get there?!" position:

The, "can I snap this shot before he falls" position:

And finally, the, " thank goodness he is so sweet" pose...

Please pray that his guardian angel keeps him safe. As I took the time to post this, he climbed up onto the table, played with the light and fan switch, attempted to open the very hot oven twice, and is now pulling all of the pans out from the cabinet...


Lillian said...

Oh my K!!

You sound very busy (as does his Guardian Angel!)

Good luck with your business! Glad to hear its going well.

mira said...

Many good thoughts on the business! Hugs to all.