Saturday, May 05, 2007

Confirmation week

Next Sunday, on Mother's Day, our Princess Bean will be confirmed into the faith. I can't even begin to speak to how very proud of her that I am.

She has grown so much this year. In her faith, in her education, in her relationships with others. I only wish I had had even a smidge of the level-headedness that she seems to have when I was her age.

We've been on the hunt for the perfect dress. She has decided that she wants to wear a white dress. My little tomboy. The one who refuses to wear dresses. She wants to wear one and she wants it to be white...because she embraces her confirmation with great joy!

We aren't having much luck finding a modest but fashionable dress for the occasion. We can find plenty of low-cut, halter-top, spaghetti-strap, or strapless style dresses if you are in the market for one. And apparently most of the world is, because that's all that is out there.

A friend told me tonight of a beautiful dress that she saw at a First Communion today. It was on an older girl. She approached the mother to inquire as to where she found such a beautiful dress. The mother replied, "Columbia". Yeah, the country.

So, I reviewed some patterns with my lovely daughter and she decided on one. She is away at camp this weekend, so I had to select the fabric. I really hope she likes it.

Another neat aspect to this dress situation is that Bean's confirmation sponsor, one of my very good friends and the mother to my sweet little God Baby, will be helping to make the dress. She is so sweet to offer, and I hope that between the two of us, we can create a dress that Bean will feel beautiful in and proud to wear. I am just grateful that Princess Bean was even open to the idea of me sewing for her. How many more times will I ever have that privilege with her?

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