Thursday, May 10, 2007

Confirmation week update

We had rehearsal last night and spent the rest of the evening with Bean's Sponsor and some other friends who will also be confirmed on Sunday.

It was such a blessing to see these wonderful young people so full of life, energy, and truly on fire for Christ! It is so pure, so natural, and so needed in this world today. They are all just oozing with wonderfulness!

So the coffee at our favorite hang out place did NOT come in decaf as I ordered... Therefore, I was up quite late. Unfortunately, I can't be trusted with such things like pins, scissors, and sewing machines when I am under the influence of caffeine, which I why I don't drink it. The dress didn't get worked on, but it will be 95% finished today (else I am in BIG trouble!!)

Next time I order decaf (if there ever is a next time!) I am asking for the phone number of the person who makes my drink. Then, if I am up to 4 am again, I'll be sure to call them and thank them...

Please keep the 250 teens that our being confirmed in our parish this weekend in your prayers!


Lillian said...

Praying for her and all the others teens. Goodluck with your deadline!! That's when I do my best sewing ... although not with caffeine! ;-)

"The Chocolate Covered Sprinkle" said...

haha. i cant imagine what your like on caffeine? haha your funny mrs karen! but im soooo excited about confirmation! its a one in a lifetime deal so i know its going to be an amazing dayy! Good Luck with your deadline! it will be amazing looking! <33