Monday, May 14, 2007

Confirmation and Mother's Day and more!

What a wonderful weekend we have had around here! It was busy, and yes, I did loose my patience on several occasions, especially when it came to finishing THE DRESS, but overall, it was such a beautiful, blessed weekend!

First thing Saturday, the kids, Aunt Mickey Miss, Mr. M, and I headed out to the YMCA Trail Run. You can read more about our adventure here.

In the afternoon, Joelle, Bean's sponsor, came by to help me with the said DRESS. I thank God that she came because if it wasn't for her, it would never have been finished, and it certainly wouldn't have turned out the way it did.

Did you know that the direction in which the bobbin turns makes a difference in whether or not your machine runs properly?? Ok, ok, you probably did. Not me. 20+ years of sewing and this has never come up. I want my money back from those lessons! Oh, wait, I never took lessons...

Anyhoo, Joelle saved the day, turned the bobbin around, and the machine, well it worked wonderfully.

On Sunday morning, I was treated to my favorite breakfast, French Toast with Strawberries! Yummy! I was also greeted with a beautiful banner and flowers made by Bean herself who even woke up extra early to hang it up! This was a huge sacrifice for her because she does not rise before 10 unless shopping is involved.

After breakfast, I was spoiled with gifts of drawings, cards, flowers, new jeans, and a beautiful handmade tote created by Lem herself. I love totes, and this one is my new favorite. It has the year DH and I were married, and then the months of each of our birthdays with the day of our birth highlighted with a crystal. Interesting side note here, 6 children and 2 adults in this family and not one of us shares a birthday month!

Then it was Bean's turn. We presented her with some letters that were originally written to her on the day of her baptism. (more on this later) It was very emotional and I could tell she was very touched by it all. Then she opened her gift from us, a purity ring. She had asked for one and I think that she was very happy with the one we chose for her.

Next it was time to prepare for the day's event. Confirmation was at 6pm and we planned to have everyone come to the house after Mass. We knew that the Mass would last at least 2 hours, so we planned to have the food all prepared before we left for Church. My family is so awesome. They all helped prepare some part of the day. Everyone brought food and we had more than we needed to feed the almost 30 people that came to dinner.

We were so blessed to have several friends join us as well as Bean's honorary Godparents, MJ and Trotter. We love them so much! It was also nice to have our TKD family with us.

The Archbishop is truly an inspiring and holy man. We are so fortunate to have him as our head shepherd.

I thank God for the presence of the Holy Spirit that was with us for the evening. We laughed, loved, and ate tons.

I was even more blessed late in the night when my beloved Mother in Law, and my sisters in law presented me with a beautiful family ring. I became very emotional and was so touched that they had collectively decided that they wanted me to have this ring. The ring is so beautiful, and I will cherish it always, but honestly, what touched me more than anything was seeing my mother in law's eyes well up with tears as she said, " Karen, you are a good mother, and you deserve this!"

I have been told that I am a good mother before, but for some reason, hearing it from her, seeing it in her eyes, and knowing that she meant it from the bottom of her heart melted me. I could barely stand. I sank into her shoulders and cried. And she cried too. Just for a moment. There were guests still all around us from the Confirmation, and I had to gather my composure, but I really wanted to stay in that moment forever.

I know that my Mother in law loves me, and I love her. I love my sister in laws. But I've always felt so uncomfortable about the term "in-laws". There is such a negative connotation to that word. That wonderful woman may not be my biological mother, but she is the mother I look to and have looked to for the last 16 years. She is my spiritual mother.

My sister in laws are the sisters I always prayed for but never had. I love my brothers dearly, but I always longed for sisters. God has blessed me with two of the best. And of course, He has also surrounded me with the best brothers and husband a woman could ever hope to have. I feel so safe, so loved, and so grateful to have the family that I have. I only wish I could say these things verbally. I am at a loss for words when face to face with my loved-ones, so I write about it here.

I suppose I can appreciate my family because I do know what it is like to feel alone in the world. To feel as though no one cares. To not have a relationship with a mother, a father, my siblings. Thankfully, these relationships have all been restored by His Grace and for some reason, He continues to bless me with these fantastic people as my family and my friends. My cup truly runneth over.

My prayer is that each one of you who reads this blog also has at least one person that they feel special with.


MC said...

Tears, tears, and more tears! Thanks alot, I'm about to go into a meeting, and my eyeliner's running. We love you K. You've been a terrific big sister!!!

Lillian said...

What a lovely weekend and lovely family you have!

Tigpan said...

Yea ditto MC. I was thinking of you guys this weekend as I knew it was a special one for Bean. Plus I always pray for you especially on Mother's Day, Karen.

That dress is phenominal!! Blessings on all of you!

Sherri said... had a great weekend! I'm so happy for your and for your family.
I feel the same as you when my MIL compliments me. We have had our problems in the past, but we are on good terms now. I also love compliments from my Dad, but in a different way. I know he loves me no matter what.
Lucky you about the birthdays all being in separate months. Everyone in our family, besides me, are crowded into a few months. We have one in November, two in December, and one in Jan. Jeff and I also have our anniversary in is a busy time of the year when you add all of the holidays into that! I love it, though.
I enjoyed your pics, as always!

Mel~Mel said...

That was such a fun night Mrs. Felicidario. I'm so happy I was there and thank you for letting me come to dinner with your whole family. That was an awesome night! =)

Shital said...

Wow... You really put into words the way I feel about my mother-in-law. I have always told my husband that MIL has such demeaning conotations to it, so I hope that she and I were the ones to redefine it. And - you look amazing!!!

luv ya


Karen E. said...

What a beautiful daughter, a beautiful mom, a beautiful family, a beautiful sacrament, and a beautiful weekend! Beautiful! :-)