Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Truth Revisited

Things are much better around here this week. Boo seems to be feeling better now and believe me, when baby feels better, everyone feels better.

We were beginning to get concerned about his speech, or lack thereof, and actually had a speech eval scheduled for today. Speech delays are not uncommon in this house. My last three babies before Foo had them, and thankfully they are doing well now.

Nevertheless, we felt it might be prudent to explore exactly how delayed Boo is and if we could take measures to prevent further delay.

Well, this weekend, Boo surprised me by saying "No!" a few times. He also said wow, ball, poopie, and mama. He has only until this point said "light", "bye-bye", and mama when he is mad!

Today, he even pointed to his nose when asked where it was! Very cute, very sweet, but totally not able to be caught on the camera. You'll just have to take my word for it.... LOL

So with the kids a bit happier, mommy is a bit less-stressed. Foo was going to make a nice breakfast for me because he thought that might help my mood a bit. Just the thought of him worrying about me like that melted me heart.
All of the kids have really tried to pitch in and help with things around here. Honestly, I am so grateful for all that they do. They really are the best children and I am blessed to be their mother.

Along with great kids, and a wonderful husband who stands by me always, I've had great friends that have checked in on me, emailed me with supportive and encouraging words, and stayed out till way to late drinking coffee and making me laugh!
Thank you to all of you. I have heard His voice through your actions.

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