Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter 2007

Happy Easter to each and every one of you! May you feel the joy of Our Risen Lord today and every day!

What a glorious day it was, indeed. Some of us were concerned because the weather was looking pretty unpleasant, especially if you are interested in an egg hunt. But our prayers were answered this morning when we awoke to the beautiful sunshine, not a drop of rain to be had, and unseasonably cold temperatures. We loved the snap of cold in the air, though our Easter donnings were more appropriate for 80 degree weather. We still dressed for church and headed out with our winter coats in hand.

The Mass was beautiful. Fr. Jo-Jo was amazing. His homily was directly from his heart and as he told us, he was inspired to give his homily without writing it out. It was so beautiful, so heartfelt, and so genuine. He is such an amazing priest. I feel so blessed to have him at our parish. Honestly, all of our priests are very holy men and have such a great way of bringing the Good News of Christ to us in his unique style.

We were able to snap a few pictures at church while we were still dressed in "nice" clothes. It is so hard to get a picture now-a-days, with all of the kids together. Of course, Alicia wasn't with us, so technically, not ALL of the kids are in the pictures. I hope MC posts them soon!

Then we headed home to change and gather up the goods for our afternoon with family, family, and more family! We just love to be together!

The kids had a great time hunting eggs, and the adults had great fun hiding them. We enjoyed the fellowship of one another, each of us so grateful for the time we have with one another. Of course, many of us broke our Lenten penances and indulged in a variety of sweets, meats, and other yummy treats! I ate enough sugar to last me quite awhile! It was all so delicious, how could I say no? I think the thing I enjoyed most of all was having a cup of Calm tea with honey. I am sipping on it as I post this now. It is so warm, soothing, and sweet. I should sleep well tonight.

I am sure there must be a marathon Mah-Jong party going on right now! The adults need to earn money towards next year's eggs!

Here are a few shots from the day! I hope you enjoy them!

Fish and his BIG bunny!
Enjoying the morning
Dad and his son Foo
Giving Thanks to God
Foo and Alicia

Boo finding his first egg
Gotta love the godbaby! Her first Easter!

Yes, these are my daughters, no you can not have them!! LOL

Papa and his Bean

Mommy and her Boo
Sisterly Love

The best husband in the world

Our wonderful hosts for the day
Uncle Kev and baby Boo

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Sherri said...

I love all the pics!!! I'm glad you had a great day full of fun and family. I love to get together with the entire family, too. This year we were with Jeff's family. Next year, we will be with mine!
Thanks for sharing!