Friday, March 16, 2007

A thought

As Fish was being picked up for TKD camp this morning...

Me: "Now what are the rules, Fish?"

Fish: (in an exasperated tone..) "Listen..."

Me: "And what else?"

Fish: (tone continues...) " Stay with someone the whole time..."

Mr. M: "We are going to go over ALL of the rules at the school before we go."

Fish: "Is this going to be like real stool???"

Hopefully not, Fish. Hopefully not.


spatel75 said...

Fish was paired with Shyam that day... Now how was that supposed to keep them out of trouble??? SHyam had a blast with him and was amazed at his bowling prowess!!!

K said...

Fish couldn't stop talking about his new pal, "Shaw". LOL We keep correctly him on the correct pronounciation, but alas, he's Fish!

We need to get them together again. He really had a great time! Hey, then the moms could visit too!!!