Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thank you

Thank you to all of you whom have left comments, sent emails, called, stopped in, and especially to my wonderful husband who brought home the most beautiful lilies. They smell heavenly and I know my Mom would have loved them!

Sherri, your comment was so real. I feel like there are others out there who know exactly how I feel, even when I am not quite sure myself.

Barbara, your prayers were felt today. Sorry for the confusion on the date, it was today.

One thing I did figure out today, it's not so much what do I "DO" today, but more, what should I be feeling? Sadness, joy, both?? Is that even possible.

Thanks to the suggestion of a wonderful friend, Mira, I began keeping a diary of letters that are written to Mom when I feel the need to talk to her. At first, I wrote quite often, now, however, it is only once in awhile. I was able to write some last night and it felt so nice to have that connection if only for a moment.

One thing I have tucked into this diary are some tissues that my mom had written on about 7 years ago. She had written on three tissues as we drove to the airport Good Friday. The tissues said, "I love you" to my two eldest daughters who were with us, signed "Nana" and then one to me, signed, "Mom".

I have cards, letters, pictures, etc, to cherish, but what do I cherish most of all? These tissues! Why? I suppose because I was with her when she wrote them. I've kept them in my jewelry box for years and when she died I placed them into my diary to her with a few pictures. Honestly, it takes my breath away to read them. To see her handwriting as if she had just written them really moves me.

Funny thing, that was the day she decided to move closer to us. And I thank God that she did. Never did we know at that time we would have only 5 years left together and on Easter Monday, she would return to her Father.

Again, I really do appreciate the wonderful sentiments by all. I promise, the depressing tone of this blog will change soon!

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Alice said...

Please do not worry about changing the tone, because we want to know how you are feeling and even to grieve with you.

I was doing some de-cluttering today, but the toys and books that will never be discarded, no matter how dog-eared, are the ones given to the children by my father. I was so moved this afternoon to see the baby (he never met her) playing with the tiny Mickey Mouse he gave my oldest daughter when she was a baby. I know he would have loved to see the baby enjoying it just as baby Agnes did so many years ago.

Prayers for you and your mother continue!