Friday, March 16, 2007

Fish's lessons

I had a few errands to run yesterday and Fish needed some new sandals so we headed to the Super Wal-Mart to get it all done in one spot. Fish really doesn't like shoes, and despised the use of socks even more, so as you can imagine, his feet are somewhat odorous at any given moment.

A few weeks ago, he found some snow boots in my closet. They were actually the girls at one point in time, and for whatever reason, I have held onto them for many years. We don't get much snow in Houston, and as a result, they are practically brand new. (you can see them a tad bit in the picture above)

Well, my little clothes horse, er, I mean Fish, has adopted these boots to wear with everything, in every kind of weather. Since we are getting into the warmer weather here, I decided it was time to buy the boy some sandals. A side note here, Fish hates sandals.

As we were walking into the store, Fish asks me, "Mommy, WHY do I HAVE to wear sandals like that guy?!"

"What guy, honey?"

"You know mommy! That guy.... JESUS!"

After I picked myself up out of the door way, I said, "You mean OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR???"

"Yeah, Him!"

How is a mother to respond???

We bought Aqua Socks.

So we are in the dreaded Wal-Mart, running very behind. It is almost time to get to the Food Pantry to help fill bags, I'm still in line, and we haven't eaten lunch yet. The cashier finally gets to us and we escape just in the knick of time to get everything done and still make it to the Food Pantry on time.?"

Then we walk into the parking lot and Fish looks down at his hand. "Mommy, did we pay for this?"

My heart sinks. "Ummm, no Fish, we didn't." I am so embarrassed to say that for a brief shining moment, (well, not so shining actually) I seriously considered not paying. Not my most holy moment, I know, but I really dreaded going back into that place and waiting in line again.

I told him, "Fish, we'll pay next time we come." Then my wonderful son, aka GUILT says, "But mommy, that's like stealing!"

My heart sank even more. "He's right you dork! What kind of lesson are you going to teach him if you don't turn around right this second," my self says to myself.

I am proud to say that we re-entered the Wal-Mart, stood back in line, waited another 15 minutes or so, and Fish PROUDLY paid 51 cents for his Push-pop.

Yes, we had to skip the Food Pantry, (sorry Mamabear), but I think a more important teaching moment arose, and Fish had to take advantage of it! He is, after all, the hands that will open the gates of Heaven for me...

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