Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday after Ash Wednesday

No true Christianity without the Cross. Our Lord's Cross is a source of peace and joy.

There is no such thing as a Christianity without the Cross, designed for soft and pusillanimous Christians with no sense of sacrifice.

One of the clearest symptoms of lukewarmness having entered into a soul is precisely such an abandoning of the Cross, a contempt for little mortifications, a scorning of anything that in some way involves sacrifice and self-denial.

-taken from In Conversation with God; vol 2.


Cindy said...

OK Karen.. this is weird again!

I named today's post the exact same thing you did. And I am reading In Conversation with God again this Lent.

See, we don't need to get together for coffee.. we are having brain meld!

Loved your post----

K said...

somehow we always manage to connect on such a deeper level, don't we??

Cindy said...

yes, but I love connecting over a donut, too. lol

K said...

mmmmmm donuts......