Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This Mother's Rosary

Tonight I had the wonderful pleasure of attending our first official Parish wide weekly Rosary. I hope that this ministry is well-received. If tonight is any indication, this should be a wonderful addition to St. Anthony's many ministries. The best part was seeing so many teens there. Amazing! (as my teen says so often).

As I was praying I had a few thoughts about how to work a full rosary into my daily life. I can usually manage a decade, but sometimes, even that is put to the back of my mind once I get involved in my day. I know, I know, bad homeschooling mommy! I do know the benefits of this beautiful devotion, and I have been really trying this Lenten season to incorporate in into my daily life.

Here were a few thoughts that came to me during my time in prayer tonight.

If I wake up and say the beginning prayers of the rosary before I even get out of bed, ie, The Apostle's Creed, the 1st Our Father, the 1st 3 Hail Marys (for the intentions of our Holy Father and for the virtues of faith, hope and love), and then the Glory Be, I've already got the Rosary started for the day.

A dear friend of mine suggested to his wife, and she shared with me, that if we just say one decade at different points in the day, we will get the whole rosary completed. So, if I say one as I am dressing, that's the 1st decade. Simple.

2nd decade - dressing the baby - he loves to hear prayers!

3rd decade - with the children after my first student has finished his lesson.

4th decade - as I lay nursing the baby before his nap.

5th decade - as I run in the evening.

The best part, the first 4 are finished before lunch time!

I have always tried to offer each decade to a certain intention

1st - my husband
2nd - my children
3rd - my god children, those I have sponsored for confirmation and my students
4th - my extended family and friends
5th - the unborn, the deceased

Tonight, I had a thought to offer up a name for each and every bead that I prayed upon. It was overwhelming the number of names that popped up. I filled every single bead with a name of someone whom I have promised to pray for. I think that I will do this each and every Wednesday night at the church. I can concentrate longer and harder without distractions within the church so this was a perfect opportunity to practice this.

If you live in the area, I highly encourage you to attend St A's for the Wednesday night devotion. It is a beautiful experience.

For those of you who live far, and who may not be regular at this devotion, I encourage you to try praying just a decade a day. You love for this prayer will grow and I suspect the peace in your life will astound you.

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Dirt Runner said...

Here's the perfect way to increase your mileage and get in a decade. Simply run the rosary. I got four decades in on loop 3 of Rocky and with out that I would have crashed at 60 miles. Just a thought.