Friday, February 16, 2007

A random post

I came across a wonderful little blog today by way of Rebecca's blog, Starry Sky Ranch.

In her blog, she did a post on beautiful red accents that grace her home. Well, one look around here, and I had to admit, I have quite a few myself! To think just a few short years ago I was afraid to do anything in color and stuck mainly with white. If I was feeling very brazen, I might try off-white!!

But, alas, I have hit my forties, so there are no-holds barred now!! Here is a glimpse into my red accents. It is such a happy color, but to be honest, I never realized how very much I like it!!

Here is where it all started... Red cabinets as seen in a decorating magazine. The walls are a soft yellow and these cabinets are antiqued to make them look well-loved. We probably could have skipped the antiquing part of it...

I recovered our very old cushions to energize our family room a bit. Now they sit in our computer/living room as we invested in some newer, but not red couches.

Here I removed the standard, dreaded, vertical blinds and replaced them with these cheerfully red curtains from Ikea.

I feel so cozy in our bedroom. My husband picked this out for me as a Christmas gifts a few years ago.

What dog isn't complete without her red collar?

A chair given to us by a dear neighbor, Annie, who passed away a few years back.

Our shower curtain, with matching rugs of course!

Upon my front door


Lillian said...

How beautiful! Thanks for letting me come by and visit. I think I'll try the same!

mira said...

Wow! What a difference in the kitchen. It's funny that you mention it because I too used to never go for bright or vivid colors and everything was blue and yellow and white. Now I'm branching out more and actually have a lot of red of my own. Maybe I'll have to do a red post as well. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

I love the red! It is just such a happy, warm color.