Wednesday, February 28, 2007


There are two Peter Rabbits in our home. And we love both, but can anyone tell me why Beatrix Potter and Thornton W Burgess both have Peter Rabbit? I know that Mr. Burgess wrote about Peter in 1910 and Ms. Potter in 1902. Did they know about one another? Did He pick up where she left off and only adopt one of her characters? Or was it just a strange coincidence?

I'll be so grateful for any insight to offer to Fish! Inquiring minds want to know, after all.


MC said...

Burgess' Peter is one of many animal characters from his first book, Old Mother West Wind. He's a completely different bunny who wears a bowtie and carries a pocketwatch. His "image" was created by illustrator Cady. Potter's Peter (illustrated by Potter) wears the blue coat and clogs. Same name, different bunny ;o)

K said...

Thanks, Auntie MC! We know about the physical differences, but I didn't know why they both had the same name. And why didn't Potter sue Burgess?! Oh, yeah, that's right, they were decent folk who were not as concerned with making a buck as they were for writing literature for children! LOL