Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Lenten Season Begins

I've been trying to listen to what God is calling me to sacrifice this Lenten season and I think I have heard Him over the last few days fairly clearly.

I am amazed at the amount of laundry I am faced with each and every day. I do so much of it, and there is always so much more to do. I complain about it. I despise it. I wish it would go away. The truth of the matter is, if I didn't have these wonderful children, I wouldn't have this laundry. I remember listening to Kimberly Hahn's talk about laundry. She recalled that she was folding a particular shirt one day. One that had been through several of her children. Oh, how she disliked the fact that it seemed like she was doing the same thing day in and day out (laundry) and how many times over the past few years she must have washed, dried, and folded that shirt. She suddenly realized what a blessing that this was.

I can relate to this as well. Yes, I will be doing laundry for the rest of my life. I can thank God for the clothes that he blesses my family with. I should be thankful that I have many children to wash clothes for. I could look upon each item and wonder how much longer they will get to wear it before they outgrow it and become older, become adults.

So, one of my Lenten sacrifices will be, NO COMPLAINING ABOUT LAUNDRY. I don't even know if this sacrifice is doable. Well, I know it definately isn't doable without His grace, so I am adding in a consistent time in my day for my rosary. Lem wants to do this with me, as does Foo. I think between the two of them, I might just make it.

I have several other sacrifices, but the most important are the ones that pertain to family. I am giving up shouting/stressing at the kids. I really don't YELL anymore, but my tone of voice can be quite unpleasant at times. I hope to focus on slowing down enough to hear my tone before I open my mouth. The look of my children's face when I am not as patient as I should be with them is enough to make anyone cry. It makes me cry.

I am slowing down in my mind enough to count my blessings. To spend that extra 2 minutes listening to their ideas, drawing pictures with them, playing a game with them, showing them that they truly are my VOCATION, not a burden. They are my reason for living.

Simplicity, humility. These are the virtues I need to refresh in my life. I stumble horribly each and every day as a mother and as a wife. My prayer is that I can one day be the mother these children deserve, if only for an hour.

They are the path to holiness. They are my reason for being. They are Christ to me.

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