Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lem!

Today this little young lady makes the leap from 8 to 9. A few days ago, she exercised her growing independence by having 8 inches of hair cut off and donated to Locks of Love. I was so proud, yet so sad. I feared that the hair cut would make her look more grown-up. I feared she would lose some of her sweet innocence. I feared I would lose my baby girl.

Well, she does look more grown-up, and more beautiful. She did NOT, however, lose any of her sweetness nor her innocence. And I can't say that I've lost my baby girl, but I am gaining a wonderful, loving, precious, lovely young lady, that I call daughter, who once upon a time (ok, not that long ago) was my baby girl. Honestly, she'll always be my baby girl, who am I kidding?!

Happy birthday, Lem, my sweet. May God always keep you precious in His sights. I know I will.


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girl! Her hair looks lovely!

MC said...

2 things about your hair, Lem ... well you know what they are ;o) Happy birthday!!! We love you!!!

Lillian said...

Happy Birthday Emma! Love, Isabelle

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Oh my gosh, she is sickeningly gorgeous. Inside and out, apparently! You must be so proud of your beautiful, big girl. I secretly hope her hair grows back fast though, it will keep her looking little for you for a little while longer because her haircut does age her a little. I always press on the little ones top's of their heads (kids of my friends) and tell them "STOP IT, JUST STOP GROWING!" and they giggle but I really mean it! It's an overused statement but I wish I could freeze time and keep them innocent and young sometimes, it just goes too quickly!