Thursday, January 18, 2007

Run for cover!

There's ice in HOUSTON!! Oh, wait, it's melted. We can settled down again. Rats. I love snow days. I miss snow days. We don't get many of them here though. In fact the last one was in 1997. I suppose we were overdue for one.

I find it somewhat funny that everything gets cancelled around here for a bit of the slick stuff. I do understand why though. All of us northeners who think we still know how to drive in the wintery weather, well, we have forgotten. And the local news makes sure we know that! They have been reporting on how to apply your brakes should you run into some ice.

Granted, there may be a few folks from here that are originally from here, but an overwhelming majority of folks I know have moved here from somewhere else. Most often a place that gets snow and ice.

I have learned to stay off the roads when the weather gets bad here. I don't really need to get anywhere THAT bad. Except for the doctor this week. Four down, one to go...

A comparison story for me regarding this wintery weather... In October, I went to Colorado for a few days of training. The night we arrived it began to snow. It was beautiful. It was 9 inches of snow! Now that is some weather to be concerned about. We were sure that our training would be cancelled. And admittedly, the town did close down for the day, but our training was still on. The hotel owner drove us himself in his Cadillac, not the SUV type, to the location we needed to get to. It was incredible. It was fun! It was a true snow day!

Perhaps I'll get lucky again next week when we head to Colorado again. I might get to see actual snow again and this time, I'll take pictures!

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