Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to Life

Christmas season has come and gone and we at the F-Troop University are back to the business of learning! Of course, everyday is a learning day around here, but the "official" learning calendar has begun once again and we are doing much better than I expected we would.

At the same time that I am juggling the homeschooling, the baby, the very active, creative, attention-demanding, er, I mean seeking, 5 year old, as well as keep up with washing the clothes, making meals, answering the phone, and the list could go on forever, I am also fitting in three students at The Woodlands Learning Center. It is definately a fine art to be developed, and without my dh helping me every step of the way, I doubt any of this could be achieved. He is awesome!

The kids are doing so much to help as well. And they are not complaining. They are rising to the occasion and keeping up with their chores around the house as well as their school work.

My students are great! They are all such hard workers and it is such a joy to work with each one of them. I know that they will benefit so much from their hard work.

I have my moments where I feel as though I won't be able to do it all. I like to be able to do my very best in each thing I take on. I am not satisfied with "doing the best I can." I want to be the best! Not for the sake of vanity or pride, but for the sake of the family, the students. They deserve it.

I keep asking God to bless each moment of the day, especially when I feel overwhelmed and am unsure as to my next move. I ask for His hand in all of it. Making sure that all credit for anything good is given to Him, because He is the reason that anything is good.

School work is going well. I started reading Danny Meadow Mouse to Fish today. I was patient with him as he wriggled and waggled all through the reading. And then I was shocked! I asked him to tell me the story in his own words. I did not expect much of a narration first, because of his age, second, because I doubted he paid much attention at all. I mean all that fidgeting around, how could he have?!?!? Well, blow me down, that boy gave me the dandiest of narrations a five year old could ever give. He knew that Danny was anxious because his tail was short. He knew that Danny was curious as to why his cousin, Whitefoot who lived in the Green Forest, had a long tail. And he knew that White Tail the hawk almost cured Danny of his anxiety by eating him! Was this little Fish's mama proud? You Bet! And I learned a bit more about his learning style to boot! (see, I told you we are ALL always learning around here!)

I pray that things keep moving along as wonderfully as they have been. I pray that I can keep the focus on what is truly important in our home.

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