Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ahhhh, balance

What is that exactly? It seems as though I struggle with this thing called balance more and more every year. And just when I seem to get a handle on it, I lose it all, and lose my mind in the process.

Here's what is on the plate right now...
1. Homeschooling
2. Mothering
3. Running a household
4. Starting a business
5. Involved in extracurricular activities
6. Family time
7. Trying to be a wife
8. Trying to maintain friendships
9. Trying to maintain relationships with godchildren, nieces, and nephews
10. Trying to maintain a relationship with God.
11. Exercising for health.

Obviously these are not in any particular order because to do so would be silly. Each day the priority of these items changes. In fact, that can change from moment to moment.

I am feeling as though I am doing many things, and none of them very well. I love every aspect of my life, and I want to embrace them all, but I tell you, it is this balance thing. It just doesn't come very easily. And I know that without the support of my husband, my children, and my extended friends and family, I could do none of these things. I especially remember that without God I could never manage anything. But right now, I feel like I am letting lots of people down, not intentionally, but nevertheless, I am.

The kids need me more for school time. They need mom to read aloud to them. To have fun with them. To relax with them.

My husband needs a wife that can make time for him. Not a wife who always has something else she must get done.

My extended friends and family need to know that I am there for them when they need me to be. Not like they are interrupting me.

And God knows how much I need to make time for Him. And it's not because HE needs that...

I understand that this is a period of transition for us, me and my family. I don't like these times. I like the simple life. But I live as though I don't. I wish I had the talent to balance all of these things gracefully, but I don't. So I will offer up my efforts and ask God to bless them, to hold everyone I love close to Him and to teach me what is important in everything I do. will come someday.


Cindy said...

Whew-- glad I kept reading! For a minute there thought was #8.. :0

Don't worry, Karen, balance will come. Right now you are doing what God put right up front on your plate. One day your kids will be older and have less moment by moment needs, they will be moving on to thier own homes. You will have lots of time for differnt priorities... it is all in seasons.

Your good friends (like me :) ) know and have been through the same thing and are always in the sidelines. Notice how when you talk to those people it seems like yesterday you just had been having a conversation, though it might have been months?

A business needs nurturing, too.. just like marriages and family. And thankfully yours is mostly home based and your dh is involoved. I have been reading about homeschool moms who work, and working outside the home really causes a challenge to keep connected.

Anyway, you are doing great. Don't set your sites too high.. (not that we EVER do that, right?-- and the balance will come.

Maybe every week or so roll a 10-sided dice and whoever wins gets an hour of alloted time from you.

Go number 8!! lol


Cindy said...

Oops.. make that an 11-sided dice...don't want to forget exercise!
They are availalbe on the internet...