Sunday, November 12, 2006

Why am I Catholic?

Thanks to Dumb Ox Academy for this link from her blog to Why Am I Catholic?

Beautifully done and worth watching.

While at You Tube, I discovered another video that I just loved. Mercy Me has a song that always makes me cry, I Can Only Imagine.

This song has moved me from the first time that I heard it and continues to do so still today. Often it brings me to thoughts of my mom and what those moments just after her passing must have been like. Did she fall to her knees when she met Jesus? Did she say anything? One thing I know for sure, she must have been and continue to be in total ecstacy.

Today, I am reminded that anytime I am in the Presence of Our Lord, I know longer need to imagine what it would be like, but rather, I should be flat on my face in awe of His love for me.

Sometimes I forget this... Enjoy this video.

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whys guy said...

My grandmother passed away this past August. She was laying peacefully in her bed at her nursing home listening to worship CDs. Her caregiver put "I Can Only Imagine" on and turned away to work on some other items. She said that when the song was finished she turned around to see what my grandmother wanted to listen to next, and my grandmother was gone. Pretty wild to think about going from singing about it to experiencing it!! Can't imagine a better way to enter eternity!