Sunday, September 17, 2006

A smathering of our life

I haven't been able to steal much time away from things around the house this week. Boo has really started moving! He finally started creeping last week and this week moved into full blown crawling! The very next day, he decided it would be a great day to learn to cruise the furniture and anything else he can pull up on.

I've gone from having a pretty docile little guy to a very active one without much of a transition period!

Foo has been helping with his Homer express, however on this day, Genivive Foster's Abraham Lincoln's World, was the accompanying read.

With a bit of time, Boo finally caught his nap...

Boo also moved from crawling to this...

While I am so very proud of him, I am also sad. I know that this new phase means that much of the old phase of snuggling, snuggling, and snuggling some more will happen less and less. Hence the invent of the read alouds!

Another strange set of events has been occurring around here alongside all of this excitement. My children have become particularly obsessed with Phantom of the Opera. It began with Bean, but has rapidly spread to the other children, and finally, after my husband had the opportunity to view the movie last night, he also succumbed to the mesmorizing music that accompanies this production.

There has been great debate over which music score is best, either the original broadway score or the movie soundtrack. We have listened to both almost non-stop for about four weeks now, and we have decided that both are fantastic, each with their own unique signature pieces. As I type this, Bean is in her room practicing her best Sarah Brightman renditions.

This exposure to Phantom has re-inspired Bean, Lem, and even Foo to try to plunk the tunes out on the piano. Last Sunday, as I lay in the dark upstairs nursing Boo to sleep, I was serenaded by the voices in my home singing (and beautifully, I might add), to my Sister in Law playing All I Ask of You on the piano.

And who said we weren't doing composer study this year?? I have several of Andrew Lloyd Webber's other pieces, such as Evita, waiting in my queue at Netflix.

The other strange phenomenon that seems to be happening is that my children are actually enjoying Latin! I am also loving our sessions of Latin study each morning. My son, Foo, actually is asking for more translation exercises because he finds them FUN! We do try to make our Latin time more entertaining. He and I will both do the exercises in a sort of competition style. We don't share our answers until we are ready to correct them, and then we compare who did the best. If we both get the answer correct, we high-five one another, sometimes I even do a crazy little dance (which could scare some people), if not, we encourage one another and then learn from the mistakes that have been made.

Lem is doing very well with Latin. She is learning the Sanctus and many vocabulary words.

Fish is counting up to 20. It goes something like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. He can't seem to get the "thir" sound yet, but HE knows what he means!

I have a goal this week of trying to put grades into my new Homeschool Tracker program; that is if I can find time between Latin, attending the Opera, and chasing my newest walker!

Of course, then there will be that small little matter of preparing for "SHINE II...


MC said...

... Original London Cast HANDS DOWN! Emmy Rossum is no Sarah Brightman - those who were obsessed with the musical when it owned Broadway years ago grew accustomed to Brightman's powerful yet glistening crystalline voice, so, when watching the much anticipated movie version upon its release in 2004, (Mike and I were two of maybe a mere 10 people in the theater on opening night) we found Rossum was the only disappointment in the film. Otherwise, we found the filmflawless in its ability to capture and even magnify the glorious stage production. I actually preferred both the Phantom and Raoul in the movie version.

Oh my ... 11 days!!!!!!!!!

Lillian said...

He's precious! How blessed is he to have his own train too!