Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mid-way through

We are mid-way through our first term and despite the efforts of the evil anti-homeschooling forces, we are skating along fairly well. I'll admit we are a few days "behind" our schedule, but it is not to the point where a few days of extra work won't catch us back up.

The new focus of our curriculum is wonderful. We are all enjoying the Latin-centered approach. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Boo's first words were "Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus?!"

We have structured our days beginning with Latin, followed by Math, then English studies, Christian Studies, and Modern Studies. I am really trying to follow up with more narrations, dictations, and copywork as I have found, after 8 years of homeschooling, that this truly is the key to successful writing.

What better way to learn about writing than by copying from the masters?

This first 4 weeks has seen it's share of bumps with a nasty virus making its way through the house during the first week, the second week it was another broken wrist. The third week saw a tonsillectomy followed by a week of TLC for the patient, poor Foo. Today seems to be the first great day he has had since the surgery, thank goodness he is coming around.

In spite of the above incidents, Mom, aka mean ol' teacher, still expected a certain amount of schoolwork to be completed. Granted, the kids may still have been in their jammies, taken naps through-out the day, and had to endure nothing but Ramen noodles and chicken broth for nutrition (because of the sore throat), but we plugged ahead and continued our learning experience.

I found a cute site where one can create a Sponge Bob Latin Calendar. I am not a big fan of Mr. Sponge, however, the calendar was a big hit for the kids.

I am praying the next 4 weeks go by with a bit less chaos, however, given our track record, it would take a miracle for that to occur. So, I will press on with our studies, enjoy what we can, learn what we can, and love while we can. Then we'll head out to SHINE II, return in October and begin our second term.

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Karen E. said...

That Sponge-Bob calendar is too funny!

When mine had their tonsils out it took them a full week of recovery, too, before they felt anywhere near normal.

Your family reunion sounds wonderful! Have a great time!