Sunday, September 10, 2006

Elegant Simplicity

I've been reading with great interest, several bloggers who are implementing what they call "elegant simplicity" into their homes. I love this idea and have really tried to begin to implement somewhat around here. You can read some posts here, and here.

The best approach to this is truly baby steps. One room at a time; one corner of a room at a time.

I seem to struggle with wanting live more simply, wanting to enjoy the quiet moments which in this home come far too infrequently, yet still yearn for material things that I can treasure.

There are so many women of inspiration who blog about how they achieve the peace that I long for in my home. I am bringing much of this to prayer with me each night as I try to incorporate many of the ideas I read about into my daily life.

First and foremost, I want my children and my husband to feel that their home is a place of refuge. I want them to long to be here. I wish for it to be simple, yet comfortable, pretty, but not too ornate. I pray that it is a place where they feel that they can let every guard they have down and enjoy curling up with a good book, a cup of hot cocoa, and snuggle on the couch with their siblings or their parents.

Amazingly, I am finding that a life of simplicity takes a lot of work! Go figure! I suppose for someone like me who tends to take on too many things, especially things that go on outside of our home, it is work to say no. It is work to focus on doing one thing at a time and not be in a constant state of multi-tasking.

I am also finding that multi-tasking is not all it is cracked up to be. I usually get many things started, but I finish very few. This adds up to frustration and disappointment in myself. I set myself up to be a complete failure most of the time.

I envy my husband in this respect. He starts a job, he finishes it. He doesn't take on anything extra either. Work, family, home, church. Once in a while he may play a game of softball, but all in all, he keeps things simple and his expectations low. One day, I pray this trait rubs off onto me.

For now, I will pray each morning for the blessed Mother to help me to provide the atmosphere in my home that my children require, desire. I will pray that I can focus on homeschooling, our prayer life, and our relationships one another, putting these things before all else in our lives. This post at Alice's cottage helped me to put things into perspective. Her post and the fact that my baby has already started creeping! The time has flown by again, my baby is growing up, and my children are learning from me each day. Exactly what will today's lesson be?

For today, I'll leave you with a photo of Boo helping me set the mood of our Elegant Simplicity for the day... Next year at this time, it will be a whole new world!


Cindy said...

Oh, I miss the days of Tupperware Heaven with little ones! So much fun pulling it all out of the cabinets! And the spoons, and banging.. and nothing breaks!

Thanks for the pics, Karen. He is simply adorable. :-)

(No, I am not biased... just in awe... )

Lillian said...

A simply elegant picture!! Looks like my decorating style here!!